Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reasons not to have cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery has been simply defined as the surgical removal or correction of physical deformities. It falls primarily in two categories, each defined by the emotion that drives it.
Reconstructive surgery is a need, for people born with identifiable physical deformities or those involved in horrific accidents.
Aesthetic surgery, on the other hand, is a compulsion, fuelled by an innate desire to “look good/better”. 
There is also a third emotion that has gained ascendancy over the years as far as cosmetic surgery is concerned – obsession. This addiction has been medically classified as body dysmorphic disorder.
It is imperative for anyone contemplating going under the knife to make sure it is for the right reason because of the inherent risks involved. No doubt cosmetic surgery offers a chance to improve looks but it is not without risks and limitations.
Reasons not to have cosmetic surgery include:

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