Saturday, June 9, 2012

How physically close should one get to their pets?

The findings of a survey carried out in the US have thrown up some interesting facts about pets and their owners - data which may very well rekindle a debate that pet owners have been involved in off and on for a very long time - how physically close should one get to their pets.
The poll found that most pet owners in America wouldn't bat an eyelid if, and when, it came to performing CPR on their pets - notwithstanding the fact that these very pets are said to be the largest carriers of diseases and infections.
The survey found that 58 per cent of pet owners - that is, 63 per cent of dog owners and 53 per cent of cat owners - said they would be "at least somewhat likely" to attempt CPR on their pet in case of a medical emergency. Moreover, women were more likely to take matters in their own hands - 65 per cent of women to 50 per cent of men said they'd be "more likely" to give their pets the "kiss of life".
People who shudder at the very thought of the risks to their health the mouth-to-muzzle brigade are exposing themselves to may view the results of the survey as some kind of a revelation but for the pet owners it's just another day at the office - pets are, after all, family to them!
As with any contentious issue there are two schools of thought on this...

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